Since early 2000 we have specialized in one/one coaching for performance and recreational goals.

Making each workout as effective and time efficient as possible is key to your success.

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Individual High Performance Training

We primarily work with individuals, in various one-on-one settings. If you are a Remote Coaching client, a Program Design client or a Personal Training, we aim to provide you with the most effective fitness training available. Over the years we have had the opportunity to Coach hundreds of individuals. Individuals from all walks of life, from all corners of the earth, of all ages and abilities. The only proven way to provide a successful experience to each and every person is to Individualize our process. We learn about you, we need to know your goals and understand why your goals are important to you, we need all the details. We have a proven track record that our system works.

Experienced and Quality Coaching

Good Coaching is directive, supportive, and creates ownership. We are known for our Coaching. We pride ourselves on this fact. Each member of our Coaching team has over 10 years of full-time Coaching experience. Experience is the best teacher. With that said, we refine our approach, we educate ourselves, we seek guidance from experts when needed and we challenge one another. Coaching is not our hobby, it is who we are, it is what we do.

Only as Good as Our Results

  • I’ve told many people that it’s the best choice I could have ever made as an athlete. It’s so easy to put full trust into him (Michael) because of many reasons; the proof of the caliber of athletes he coaches, and what he's helped them achieve. But also the fact that he’s constantly pushing himself to learn more about the sport in many different contexts, constantly reading, applying, etc so that he can be the best coach he can be - all of these things contribute to it being very easy to put full trust in him as a coach.

    Maddison Drader Calgary
  • When I decided to run in the Calgary Marathon in May 2011, I started to think I could do much better if I had some professional help. The reason I chose Optimum Performance Training was due to the amazing physical transformation that I witnessed for my sister-in-law and husband under their coaching. The community they are a part of is incredibly supportive and 'like a family.' I meet with Michael every 6 to 8 weeks for a one-on-one consultation and he designs a daily, individualized training program for me. I will be forever grateful to Michael and his training team for providing me with the knowledge, fitness level and confidence to meet and, repeatedly, exceed my personal race goals.

    Morris Roberts Program Design Client
  • I began working with Michael as a mentor to help further develop my understanding and application of what I was experiencing as an athlete. I have been a CrossFit® affiliate owner for over 7 years and a trainer for over 13 years. Having acquired many certifications, accreditation, and knowledge throughout my coaching career, I knew there was so much more to learn - especially in terms of programming. As the sole programmer for two facilities - including 22 coaches and over 280 athletes - I felt it was important to fine tune what we were doing. The education and insight I have gained in the short time I have worked with Michael has been a tremendous compliment to our program.

    Cynthia Carse-Brown Coach Mentoring Client
  • I started training at Optimum Performance Training in 2005. I was in poor physical shape. I knew that a private and highly professional service would be perfect for me. The trainers took the time to listen to my goals and ensured that I achieved them even when I felt it was impossible. I have not only lost over 25 lbs. and look and feel fitter, but I have WAY more energy. The sessions are intense and I enjoy working out and feel motivated to do better. A big thank you to the trainers, especially Trevor Salmon, for motivating me and pushing me to get this far!

    John Oliverio Personal Training Client
  • First of all, you amazed me, and you still do. We never met in person, all you (Michael) are getting from me is videos and written feedback. But almost from the beginning, it seemed like you knew me, and what I would be able to do, really well (sometimes even better than I do). Most important: Trust. You take planning and guessing off my mind. My training sessions are tailor made to fit my needs, and although they can be really hard at times, they are never "too much". I never thought it possible that you would come up with so many different ways to challenge me, physically and mentally, but there is balance, and I really appreciate the way your programming is constructed - everything is there with purpose, nothing is random. You are responding to my feedback, and I never stopped training completely due to an injury, you always find ways to train around it. My biggest concern, time, has never been an issue. I don´t really train more than I did before, but I´m getting so much more from it now.

    Anne Germany
  • It used to drive me crazy when I went to a gym and spent 2 hours doing 1 hour of work, Or I spent 1 hour working out and 1-1.5 hours talking to everyone I knew. When working with a personal trainer efficiency is important to me, maximum results and efficiency for the time employed. We have been working with Scott Gillis for 3 years. Scott Gillis has been on time, organized and has us working the entire time we are at the gym for the entire 3 years we have been at Optimum. I believe that the 3-4 hours I spend working out every week would cost me 9 hours if I were to try and do it myself (minimum). - Carlos, Personal Training Client For years I have wrestled with reoccurring pain and discomfort from a previous shoulder injury. The older I got, the easier it was to set it off. I knew that I needed to work on strengthening the area, but I would quickly become discouraged when attempts to add weight resistance were met with a cranky shoulder. Working out with a personal trainer has made a huge difference! Not only is Scott Gillis a pleasure to be around, he has been instrumental in ensuring that I have been able to add muscle and strength to the areas where it is needed most, without setting off my rotator cuff. Although I have only been following his guidance and programming for a few years, I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my shoulder - as well as my overall strength, confidence, and stamina. I am back to enjoying many of the activities that I love that would often end in trips to see a physiotherapist, like mountain biking and snowboarding. Not only am I enjoying these activities again pain free, but I have received compliments from friends over my improved speed, strength and physique. Working out with Scott has been a game changer.

    Shawna Personal Training Client

Remote Coaching

Our most popular service. Primarily for those who want access to high-quality coaching in the pursuit of their personal goals. Adaptable and responsive, this service is for individuals who are experienced and competent in fitness training.

Personal Training

Each session will be tailored to meet your needs and improve your overall health and well being. Your Coach will demonstrate and educate you on each and every aspect of YOUR training. We aim to provide a safe, fun, and motivating experience.

Nutrition Coaching

We offer lifestyle based nutrition coaching.  Whether you are looking for performance related nutrition or just want to feel your best we have multiple packages to suit your needs.

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