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Looking to Enhance Your Initial Client Assessment?

We believe an effectively designed program all starts with a proper assessment of one’s abilities.

In this seminar you will learn the basics of an effective assessment and how to prioritize the needs for your client from the information you gather from it. 

You will learn how:

  • to create the framework for an initial intake
  • how to perform a movement assessment 
  • how to interpret the results of a movement assessment
  • how to choose appropriate base-line metrics
  • how to prioritize one’s training program based on assessment (initial intake and movement assessment)

Intro to Program Design:

Are you looking to improve upon your ability to design effective training programs?

We believe in the science and structure of great coaching and being authentic in our delivery.

In this mentorship we will walk through the initial stages of constructing quality and effective Individualized training programs.

In this mentorship we will teach the basics of how to:

  • Design based on individualization
  • Design 1 training session
  • Design one week of training
  • Design one month of training
  • Put it all together to create a successful fitness program

Understanding Endurance

Are you wanting to understand the details that make up the bigger picture of endurance training?

Do you want to incorporate endurance training into your current programming?

We created this mentorship to take your coaching to an entire new level and deeper understanding of the science of endurance programming and work capacity.

In this mentorship we will discuss/you will learn:

  • Framework for understanding Endurance performance
  • What “Intensity” is and why it really matters
  • Analyze and problem solve Individual performances and limitations
  • Understand and design successful Endurance training
  • Pacing, Durability, Pain, Perception of Effort and many more relevant topics
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