Personal Training

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Personal Training

Optimum Performance Training offers a range of Personal Training options. Whether you prefer to work one on one with your coach or share the time with a friend or family member, you will find our personal training services to be very worthwhile. Each session will be tailored to meet your needs and improve your overall health and well being.

Service Includes

1. Assessment

Your very first appointment will be all about getting to know you. You will tell us about your day to day life, your weekly schedule, your eating habits and, most importantly, your goals. Following this there will be a physical assessment, with the goal of assessing your flexibility, strength and endurance. From this, we will have a very good understanding of how best to develop YOUR training.

2. Programming

Following the Assessment, your Coach will design YOUR training. During each Personal Training session, your Coach will demonstrate and educate you on each and every aspect of YOUR training to ensure that you are performing each exercise with proper form. This will increase your safety and will improve the effectiveness of the exercise. We aim to provide a safe, fun and motivating experience during your Personal Training session.

3. Nutrition & Lifestyle

Regardless of your goals, it is imperative you are giving adequate attention to your food choices. What should I eat? How much protein? How much Fat? How much Carbohydrate? We will work with you to help you develop food habits that are both healthful and sustainable. This will be part of an ongoing conversation during your Personal Training sessions at Optimum Performance Training.

  • I started training at Optimum Performance Training in 2005. I was in poor physical shape. I knew that a private and highly professional service would be perfect for me. The trainers took the time to listen to my goals and ensured that I achieved them even when I felt it was impossible. I have not only lost over 25 lbs. and look and feel fitter, but I have WAY more energy. The sessions are intense and I enjoy working out and feel motivated to do better. A big thank you to the trainers, especially Trevor Salmon, for motivating me and pushing me to get this far!

    John Oliverio Personal Training Client

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“I have been seeing him (Michael) for close to 10 years. We average our visits twice per week. During that time it has eliminated all my pain and has certainly improved my lifestyle and my golf game.”

“I have learned to deal with diet as well as training properly”

“Through this process we have been able to build on skill sets that help us in our day to day lives. We feel stronger and more capable than we ever have.”

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