Remote Coaching

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Remote Coaching

Since 2009, we have coached a wide range of individuals and abilities through our Remote Coaching service. It is, primarily, for those who want access to high-quality coaching in the pursuit of their personal goals. This service is for individuals who are experienced and competent in fitness training. Like our other services, it includes quality program design and ongoing feedback from your coach.

A Three Step Process

1. Assessment

  • establishment of goals
  • Understanding your life, schedule, commitments, etc.
  • Assessing your fitness:
    • ​weight lifting
    • gymnastics
    • work capacity
  • ​Nurtition Habits
  • Movement Analysis

2. Quality Programming

  • Your training program is designed based on your assessment results, your stated goals, your schedule of availability, etc. It is YOUR training program
  • You report your results, feedback and videos. Your Coach will take these things into account and then design your next set of programming (i.e. the coming week)

We have found this approach to be the most effective strategy to ensure your continued progression. Continual communication is essential for long term success

3. Ongoing Support

  • Email communication as needed to ensure your understanding and progress with the program
  • Video analysis of movements or workouts, as needed
  • 30 minute update call to ensure we stay up to date with your progress. This call occurs at your request

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“The most important thing to me though when working with Scott is that I have been injury free”

“I have a stressful job, shift work, I have kids, and lots of injuries, so anything and everything I could have thrown at him he (Jason) has had. We have just been on a good path and I can’t believe the progress I have made and I wish I would have found him sooner”

“There is absolutely no question that I am a much fitter, stronger and healthier person now than I was 20, if not 30 years ago”

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